ACTIVE MINDS - It's perfectly obvious that this system doesn't work (2008)

Nouvel album très attendu de ce fameux groupe @Punk anglais actif depuis 86! 13 titres de Punk brut et énergique et quelques morceaux au tempo plus Seein' Red-ien! Excellent 3ème album accompagné d'un livret très éducatif en anglais.

Long awaited new album! Active Minds started in England in 86 as a guitar / drums @Punk unit and have never stopped putting out tons of records through the years. Here are 13 new songs of raw and raging Punk with Seein' Red style tempo on a few of them, full speed! Excellent 3rd album with a nice and pedagogical booklet.

LP  ( 2000 ex )  7.00 €Add

Label [s] : Loony Tunes , Nikt Nic Nie Wie, Maloka

Liste des Morceaux / Tracks List

01. In God We're Trussed

02. Punk Rock Fantasy Life Existence

03. It's Perfectly Obvious That This System Doesn't Work

04. A Microchip On Your Shoulder

05. Blinded By Science

06. Judgemental Voice

07. Closed Minds - Restricted Lives

08. New World Law And Order (2'10 - 4.557 Ko)

09. Sponge (1'06 - 2.240 Ko)

10. Junk Food

11. Exception To Their Rule

12. Human Beings Uber Alles

13. The Holy Babble aussi

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