ATAXIA - Pain in Progress (2001)

HxC old school aux textes engagés! Jeune groupe Dijonnais ayant déjà joué aux Tanneries ou au squatt du 13 avec BODY BAG ou PREJUDICE

ATAXIA plays political old school HxC. Young Dijon band, they've already played a few gigs with BODY BAG, PREJUDICE and toured in France with 20 MINUTES DE CHAOS

CD  ( 200 ex )  Sold out

Label [s] : Gold Coast HxC records ( distribution Maloka )

Liste des Morceaux / Tracks List

01. Murder's scene

02. The new arisen

03. The glorious times

04. Searching the ataraxia

05. Even the devil may cry

06. Sucker

07. Girl problems aussi

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