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Terrestrial contact:Maloka | BP 41 436 | 21014 Dijon cedex | France

What's Maloka Distro?

...that's a good question! It's time you started having a look at the "home" page...

How does it work?

In a total DIY way: trades and mailorder. That's a nice way to do it even though it requires a lot of "work"....

MP3's dead!

The mp3 format is copyrighted. Yep, the mp3 label belongs to Thomson/Fraunhofer, famous in the arm trade... They don't charge any money yet... but who knows... We decided to use the ogg format instead. Most players support ogg files (xmms, winamp from version 2.80, etc.). For more info about oggs, go to or

What about this URL?

This site's hosted by Poivron. You may bookmark it if you like. It's updated weekly and sometimes even more depending on what happens in this sad and beautiful world.

...What about the distro?

You're greatly encouraged to download our Malokatalog, distribution list in ods file in which you'll find all our stuff ( books, zines, records, badges...)

Late... been late all my life!

Sometimes... it takes us a bit of time to answer mails, please wait before complaining, some of us have lives too!

Thieves and proud!

Thanks to all the websites we stole ressources from...

Maloka Connection on WWW.


A few sites made by friends of ours :

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Terrestrial contact.

Maloka | BP 41 436 | 21014 Dijon cedex | France

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