ACTIVE MINDS - The cracks start appearing (2015)

Un nouvel album pour le duo anarcho-punk anglais; musicalement entre CrustPunk et Punkrock plus mélodiques et des textes poloitisés toujours aussi incisifs.

UK anarcho-punk, between CrustPunk and Punkrock, more melodic and politic texts always incisive.

LP  ( 500 ex )  7.00 €Add

Label [s] : Loony Tunes Recors, Maloka

Liste des Morceaux / Tracks List

01. Born in custody (3'44 - 3.410 Ko)

02. A handful of dirt

03. Not such a bright idea after all

04. The whole world's gone bananas

05. Economic collapse is on its way ( hooray!)

06. Threatened?

07. A clockwork lemon

08. Loyal to what?

09. Somebody's daughter

10. Which damn pool thought this was progress?

11. A joke in very bad taste at our expense

12. Ramraiding revolutionaries

13. Crocodile tears

14. David bellamy

15. And you thought slavery had been abolished aussi

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