ACTIVE MINDS - the age of mass distraction (2017)

Un nouvel album pour les vétérans de l'anarcho punk Anglais! Rapide, violent , agressif mais aussi mélodique par moment, des textes politisés sur la société actuelle, ils sont en forme !

LP  ( 1000 ex )  8.00 €Add

Label [s] : Maloka, Loony tunes, Muerte a tipo, Wanfried rec

Liste des Morceaux / Tracks List

01. the seeker

02. complete and utter indifference

03. climate sceptics

04. over to you, genius

05. the triumph of the sun

06. swimming against the tide

07. would'nt be better to just ignore these fools ?

08. corporate dream

09. side by side

10. the midas touch

11. i don't want to follow you on twitter

12. no need to mourn the death of the empire

13. how much did your face cost?

14. it's not rocket science

15. the true theory of relativity aussi

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