Having started with random detentions of activists of radially different

political views in September last year, the case is finally coming to an

end - it is being brought to trial.

At the moment 7 people targeted in the investigation of "the anarchists'

case" are staying under arrest. Mikalai Dziadok is charged with *the

organisation of an illegal anti-militarist demonstration in September 2009

against a mutual Russian-Belarusian war exercise, when a Joint Staff was

attacked with a smoke grenade; *the attack on a Minsk casino in December

2009 as a protest against growing social inequality; *an attack on the

Headquarters of the Trade Union Federation on the 1st May with the

statement that the state and this formal organisation uses workers in its

interests, and doesn't defend their rights, often preventing workers from

cooperating with each other and organising strikes. Mikalai can face 10

years of imprisonment.

Ihar Alinevich is charged with *the attack on the Russian embassy in

September 2010 as a solidarity action with Khimki arrestees; *the

organisation of the illegal anti-militarist demonstration; *the attack on

a Minsk casino; *the attack on a branch of Belarusbank on Mayday as a

protest against the financial system of the world; *the attack on the

detention centre in September 2010 with the demand to set free all the

detainees. Ihar can be sentenced to a 12-year imprisonment.

Aliaksandr Frantskevich is incriminated with *the participation in the

illegal anti-militarist demonstration; *the attack on a police station in

Soligorsk during the days of common action against the police; *the hacker

attack on the Novopolotsk municipal web-page. Aliaksandr is threatened

with 10 years of imprisonment.

As for the case of the attack on the KGB headquarters in Bobruisk in

October 2010 as a solidarity action with the arrested in September, now

Jauhen Vas'kovich, Artsiom Prakapenka and Pavel Syramolatau are targeted

in the investigation. All of them can be sentenced to a 12-year


It should be pointed out that initially all the detained were charged with

only one of the episodes according to the art. 339.2 (Hooliganism),

contemplating up to 6 years of jail. In the course of investigation more

episodes have been added for each of the accused and the article has been

changed into 218.2(3) - intentional destruction of property with the

sentence of 12 years of imprisonment. Moreover, all the evidence of the

accusation is based on the testimonies of two "witnesses" who had actually

taken part in the actions themselves but never got accused of the crime.

During the investigation more than 50 people were interrogated, 14 people

spent 3 to 9 days in detention facilities. All these people claimed harsh

psychological and in some cases even physical pressure in the course of

the investigation.

At the moment most of the accused are on the final stage of

familiarisation with materials of case. It is highly probable that the

court hearings are to start at the end of April - beginning of May.

That's why we call all concerned people to make protest actions on 12.05 -

15.05 against unfair accusations and solidarity actions with the

Belarusian anarchists. We welcome solidarity actions of ANY kind as well

as other actions aimed at spreading information about the situation with

political repression in Belarus and involving local human rights advocates

in bringing up the problem about prosecutions in Belarus.

Anarchist Black Cross Belarus