LES FOSSOYEURS SEPTIK - La pelle du désordre

LES FOSSOYEURS SEPTIK Un album Folk Punk pas content, youhou, présenté dans le super artwork de Carotide. (Infos)

ACTIVE MINDS - The cracks start appearing

ACTIVE MINDS Un nouvel album pour le duo anarcho-punk anglais; musicalement entre CrustPunk et Punkrock plus mélodiques et des textes poloitisés toujours aussi incisifs. (Infos)

L.K.D.S. - couscous saignant

L.K.D.S. Un lp live au C.I.C.P. de Paris en avril 2013 pour nos amis punks aux textes enragés contre ce système capitaliste mortifère! Musicalement, un bon mélange (Infos)

Hi Friends !

Here's the Maloka website, an anarcho-punk collective from Dijon created in 1989. We've been trying to support a political punk scene (and all that goes with it) for a few years, by being implyed in various struggles, among which music !

On this site, you'll find information about the records we've put out since the "psycho squatt" one ... that is to say since we've wanted to help our friends... As communicating is very important (and there's a lot of job still to be done...), you'll also find information about gigs, demonstrations or book reviews. Our site is written in French, but the editorial (according to the language of your navigator) and most of pages are translated into English for the outside guests - Good reading!

You might not be interested in punk and politics... well do as you please but from our point of view, punk and politics are tightly linked! Running an independant label, a self-managed place, playing in support of political prisonners... those are only a few samples of our activities but that's also the daily grind of the punk scene !

It's time we take back our lives, make our dreams come true. We hate that society of power and bullshits. Our wish would be to see it disappear quickly to the benefit of an anarchist society in which each individual would find a place of his/her own and which would respect all our differences.

Solidarity, a free-chosen way of life for all, the end of the capitalist exploitation are notions which we strongly desire to be come true but as the Revolution is not at hand , we won't stay with our arms crossed!

....revolt, revolt, revolt...

DIY NOT EMI ....the struggle must go on!!!

Maloka Crew

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